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Market Research

De Clercq and Company offers some of the most in depth and concise China related Market Research available in the field. Acquiring an unfiltered view of a sector in which you would like to participate is paramount to the successful execution of any strategy. In no place is this more true than China. With a political environment completely alien to anything most in the West have ever encountered, economic growth unparalleled in history, and consumer tastes in a constant state of evolution, acquiring a clear China perspective can be a daunting task. When dealing with China, it is often not enough to just look up the numbers and apply them to your business or industry. Official statistics can be hard to acquire and when acquired can be inconsistent and incomplete. That’s why we at De Clercq and Company provide you with access to our decades of China experience, where we dedicate our wide range of resources to not only finding the right applicable data but putting them in a context where the data is directly relevant and easy to understand.

Market Research: Welcome

Market Research

The De Clercq & Company Approach

Full Project Analysis

Before engaging in any research, we go through a thorough evaluation of your project’s needs. This includes highlighting the major objectives, laying out a road map to prepare our resources, and identifying any potential difficulties that may present themselves during the course of the research.

Comprehensive Data Gathering

Our specialized Market Research system involves a broad approach for data gathering while simultaneously coupled with a concise analysis of all the information accumulated.

Our step-by-step process:

• Key Industry Stakeholders Interviews
• CPG Retained Intelligence
• Public Domain Sources
• CPG Analysts Expertise

Clear and Straightforward Presentation

Once all the data has been gathered and fully analyzed by our team of China experts, all information is collated and presented to the client in a way that is easy to absorb while making sure you don’t miss a single detail. Our goal is to make you feel like you were performing the research alongside with us. With De Clercq and Company, we don’t just mail you a report in a sealed envelope but we give you the benefit of a complete walk-through of the data analysis process and work with you using the research to formulate a complete and thorough market strategy.

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