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De Clercq & Company is a consulting and advisory firm focused on Market Entry and the relationship segment of the Mergers and Acquisitions process between Chinese and Western companies. 
De Clercq & Company is a wholly-owned division of TransContinental Trade & Finance Corp. It taps into more than 30 years of experience in developing sales and investing in China to service clients that need practical and effective advice on the growth of their business. Its activities are all China-related: 

  • Market Entry: The focus of De Clercq & Co is helping Western companies develop successful and sustainable sales programs in China. To this effect, De Clercq & Company provides a complete range of services from Market Studies to designing and executing sales development programs. 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: A key element of the challenge Western investors are confronted by in China is people. Who are the decision-makers? How did they get there? Understanding their background, needs, vision, motivation, and logic plays a major part in successful acquisitions. De Clercq & Company see this as a “business culture” issue and bridges it with a systematic and sensitive approach based on its unique and practical experience in both Western and Chinese business circles and its understanding of the parameters that move both.

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