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Market Entry

For those seeking to enter or improve their performance in the China market, De Clercq and Company provides a depth of experience and practical insight combined with hands-on support.

At De Clercq and Company we believe that Market Entry starts with vision.  A vision that must be sustained by hard data and supported by an intelligent strategy evolving from market realities. Our full-service approach to Market Entry involves three basic steps:

Market Study

The first step before embarking on a sales program is to gather data to understand the market and determine if it is right for your company.  This process can be very detailed and in depth, including the following:

• SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of your business 
• Market size 
• Best practices of leading players in your industry 
• Competitive environment
• Pricing
• Quality
• Service, etc.
• Customers 
• Preferences regarding products and services 
• Preferences regarding marketing 
• Unexploited opportunities 
• SWOT analysis of competitors 
• Market life cycle stages
• Growth trends 
• System integrators for each market segments
• Barriers to entry, including institutional barriers (i.e. legal, social, and political situations, tariffs, quotas, etc.) 
• Cost/benefit analysis
Or it can start with a simpler analysis of the essential elements of the market.  But in all cases it usually involves answering the following questions:

• Size of market: How much of the target product is sold on an annual basis?
• Who are the major clients for the product?
• Who is the competition?
• How is the product sold?
• How competitive is your product compared to the market leader?

Market Entry

Once you have determined that there is a good market potential for your product, it is time to address Sales & Marketing.  At De Clercq & Co. we look for sustainability in any market entry program.  We believe in programs that have solid foundations, pay for themselves and will deliver sustained growth over a number of years.  We achieve this with a two-pronged approach:

Developing name recognition and a brand is key to this approach.  This is usually achieved through a multi-stage program over a period of time and starts by delivering the key messages through a good website calibrated to address local priorities in the language and format of the target market.

The sales approach involves the support of two distinct types of individuals: The “hunters” which are carefully selected salesmen experienced in seeking the business and delivering clients.  The “caretakers” who are entirely focused on servicing the client’s needs.  At De Clercq & Co, Caretakers operate in concert on both sides of the Pacific in our New Jersey office as well as in our Beijing office.

Execution and Management

The greatest measure of success is the execution of a sound plan. De Clercq & Co’s full-service approach includes the hiring and management of the sales team in close coordination with our clients.

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