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As a leader in China consultancy and market research, our over 30 years of experience gives our clients access to an unparalleled wealth of knowledge. Our goal is to offer unbridled access to a rapidly growing and notoriously guarded market through a diverse variety of channels and service options. Rather than offering a boiler-plate approach, we analyze every individual project and design a comprehensive strategy unique to the specific requirements and specifications of that project. With the economic and political complexities faced in China’s ever volatile market landscape, we provide a range of services to choose from that will enable your business to grow with China. Choose from the list below to learn more:

Market Entry

For any company planning to launch a product in a foreign country, there is a plethora of difficulties that need to be considered before exposing that product to the public. The fog of bureaucratic hurdles and language barriers can cause previously unforeseen frustrations as you grapple with the issues of product localization and new sales practices. As a U.S. entity with an on the ground Chinese presence, we at De Clercq and Company offer you the guidance through the intricate process of Market Entry giving you the preparation and flexibility to build a solid foundation for your Chinese operations.

Market Research

Preparation and planning are paramount to any business endeavor, which is why at De Clercq and Company, we provide a full-service Market Research platform for gaining an understanding of your particular target area. Whether you’re launching into a niche market or exploring the potential of a major sector, we help bring focus and clarity to any project.

Mergers and Acquisitions

De Clercq and Company M&A services provide a full advisory and consulting experience for our clients with guidance throughout the entire deal making process. We provide a strategic framework from which to structure your approach as well arbitration and lobbying services which offer oversight and guidance through to the final transaction closure. Don’t let cultural disparities and complex integration intervene in your China growth plans. Our Merger and Acquisitions services provide a support structure that gives you an upper hand when executing on your corporate ambitions in China.